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December 2, 2021by Rajesh Kashyap1

As the world breathes a sigh of relief after a year of misfortune and the humans have shifted their focus on the normal course of life. Thereby, the growing need for creative and textured interiors is taking the front row for both offices and homes. Meanwhile, this certainly is the best time to renew your interior with interior design trends for home interiors to give them the much-needed lease of new life.

Need of the hour is a private space adorned with palpable textures, retro designs, sustainable raw goods, luscious greens and a reassuring colour scheme. Gone are days of rigid patterns as it’s aptly getting replaced by an abstract sense of designed patterns. Furthermore, in order to stand out among the crowd, you need to know which interior design trends are going to steal the limelight and rule for the coming years. Likely, grab the amusing glance of onlookers and intrigue them to the core.

Herein, we will discuss the top interior design trends that will shape your home in 2022:

Wellbeing and fitness:

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that the biggest focus this year will be on health and wellbeing. As we learn the importance of good health it starts reflecting in our interiors as well, the use of oxygen supplying greens has picked up pace which reflects our sense of urgency for a healthy life. 

Thus, interior design trends include kitchen gardens which are a new rage as they supply the owners with fresh, organic, pesticide-free vegetables adding to the nutritional content in their plate. Additionally, state of the art gym and spas are adding to the luxurious feel of your own man-made oasis, which keeps your batteries charged for long arduous work hours.

Use of Vivid Colours:

Colours have been the go-to tool for humans to express themselves through art for ages, in today’s world though they are more than tools of expression but have become a regular part of our day to day life. Similarly, countless hues of your favourite colours captivate your mind and bless you with much needed positive energy. 

This year has a big surprise as there are two colours which are chosen to be the colour of the year for the first time and unsurprisingly they complement each other quite well. These colours are ultimate grey and illuminating yellow, grey stands for fortitude and experience and the latter showcases desire. Imagine a grey wall with a sunny yellow couch in front of it and indulge in a pop of colours. However, interior design for the home must include vivid colour patterns to make it stand out.

Homes with Office Space:

 Homes turned into offices overnight as the need of the hour was to keep the work going by any means possible. But homes are never built to act like workspaces and this hurdle made it quite tough for the professionals to execute their jobs in a peaceful environment. 

The lesson learnt from the pandemic will have a massive impact on how homes are going to evolve as workspaces? These home workspaces will have a design element having a balanced mixture of residential and commercial designs giving the perfect feeling of working in the office from home. Boosting productivity and savings, this new age interior design for home is a must-have for professionals of the modern era.

Expressive Furniture and Showpieces:

Since homes are going to handle all the meetings and gatherings there will be a need to incorporate self-reflecting stylish art and furniture pieces. These home spaces will showcase the style quotient of their esteemed owners and be expressive in their own rights. The use of accent furniture among the varied textured design schemes will intrigue one and all. 

Art and artworks have donned the walls for centuries but now owners want just one statement piece which in itself will capture the minds of everyone. Furthermore, if you are a proud artist yourself this is the time to showcase your talents among your colleagues by hanging your artwork on the wall for people to praise. 

Technology the Game Changer:

Automation for interiors has now picked up pace as the technology is seeping through our home walls urging us to make the best use out of it and make our lives easier. Thus, this new interior design trend includes the use of fast Wi-Fi and smart devices for our daily chores. This trend will boost the use of artificially intelligent (AI) enabled smart kitchen appliances programmed to complete a certain task while you are handling your work.

Using voice commands for AI devices to change air conditioning temperatures, smart TV operations, and lightning of specific areas and keeping tabs on security details. Technologies will revolutionize our home interior by making them at par with stacked office spaces. 

Amenity over Beauty:

Till now interior design trends for homes were mostly about the aesthetics of the space. But with changing times the need for them to be functional and comfortable has taken the front row. Working from home requires the interiors to support the work nature and still be comfortable enough to execute it professionally.

Therefore, interior design trends for new home decors include the need to fulfil basic entertainment, workflow, exercises and seamless flexibility for the users. Wherein owners are giving a priority to self-health and peaceful workspace over beauty and aesthetics.

Use of Suitable Lighting:

The use of creative ways to light up different areas of the room with the use of natural and artificial elements is picking up speed. A well-lit decor can easily lighten up the mood of any individual. Thus, interior design trends pertaining to flexible lighting uses various coloured LEDs to brighten up dull space making it lively and fulfilling. Moreover, any interior design for the home should account for the best lighting setup required for the space according to the needs of the user.

Interior Design for Home in 2022

Interior design trends for the year 2022 have proved to be a drastic change in our perception of lively yet functional home spaces. However, interior design for the home must include all the above-mentioned amenities in order to make it a healthy living space combined with aesthetically advanced visuals.

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